12 tons per day industrial waste plastic to oil pyrolysis plant in India.

This plant was commissioned in September 2015. The machinery was manufactured in workshops of Agile Process in Navi Mumbai in 4 months. Plant was installed in 1 month and commissioned 1 month. The total project implementation time was less than 6 months.

Plant operates on fully automated PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) & SCADA (Supervisory control and data acquisition) computerised system.

The feedstock used in the plant is industrial plastic waste generated by paper recycling mill nearby. The paper recycling mill when recycles 300MT of paper per day, generates about 10 to 15MT of waste plastic which is laminations used on the paper. Paper gets recycles and plastic laminations separated from paper are disposed in this plastic to oil plant. The paper recycling mill pays Indian rupees 3000 (approx USD 50) per MT for disposal of this industrial waste plastic.

Despite high moisture content of 15% & high ash content of 20% in raw material the plant produces minimum of 50% oil from 12 MT per day of waste plastic. Oil produced is used in nearby aluminum melting furnace.

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