apc‘s Portfolio of Technologies & Engineering Solutions

1) Consulting & Advisory Services:

As part of Consulting & Advisory Services, we will help you with detailed business model planning and value chain analysis. apc‘s 10+ years of expertise in pyrolysis and hydrolysis will help you with:

  • Mechanical/electrical-automation/process troubleshooting
  • Raw material selection
  • Vendor selection and negotiation strategies
  • Technology selection for sustainable operations
  • Process plant layout plan and design
  • Strategies to identify end product markets and negotiation strategies
  • Manpower selection and sourcing
  • Efficient plant operation and maintenance
  • Environmental compliance and safety audits
  • Plastic Waste disposal and Extended Producer’s Responsibility
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2) Pilot Plant Trials:

apc‘s has  pilot plant facilities and research facilities to test new raw materials and estimate quality and yield of finished products through pyrolysis or hydrolysis technology.

The purpose of Pilot Plant Trials is to identify any “make or break” issues that would prevent your plastic disposal project from being successful. Pilot Plant Trials study quantifies prerequisite necessary for the successful plastic waste disposal project.

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3) Independent Feasibility Studies :

apc‘s  has 10+ years experience of helping over 35 customers establish pyrolysis/hydrolysis projects. This enables us to take professional feasibility studies. The feasibility study typically involves:

  • Analyzing a customer’s current situation
  • Pilot plant trials
  • Brainstorming possible business models
  • Estimating capital & operating costs, depreciation and tax effects
  • Estimating production costs
  • Estimating Cost of environmental compliance & safety
  • Profitability comparison of available technologies
  • Market trend analysis of raw materials and end products
  • Detailed analysis of local factors with respect to long terms business operations
  • SWOT analysis

This detailed feasibility study report will be integral part of your proposal to bank or financier. Feasibility report will help you identify and validate all the make or break issues of the proposed pyrolysis/hydrolysis project.

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4) Pilot Plant Design & Supply:

We design & supply following pilot plants:

  • Plastic/Tyre to Oil Pyrolysis (Continuous/Batch Type)
  • Plastic Waste Hydrolysis / Methanolysis / Glycolysis
  • Pyrolysis oil distillation (Batch/Fractional)

apc‘s  10+ years experience concludes that it is always a sensible idea to install a pilot plant and operate it for couple of months to test suitability of our technology for your raw materials. Pilot plant is anyway essential for raw material testing & efficient operation of large scale plant. apc can manufacture and supply pilot plant pre-installed in 20ft standard shipping container in less than 45 days.

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5) Pyrolysis Plant Supply:

apc‘s  has 10+ years experience of helping over 35 customers establish plastic & tire pyrolysis plants in countries including UK, India, Kenya, UAE etc. We design, manufacture, supply, install & commission large scale plastic plastic-cum-tyre pyrolysis plants. Each plant is customized as per customer needs with respect to plant life, desired quality of end products & level of automation.

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6) Hydrolysis Plant Supply:

apc‘s  has hydrolysis technologies for conversion of polymer waste back to monomers or other high value petrochemicals. Given below is the list of technologies available with apc

  • Nylon 6 to Nylon Monomer
  • PET Hydrolysis, Methanolysis, Glycolysis, Aminolysis
  • Caprolactum production from Nylon 6 & 66
  • Polyurethane (PUR) hydrolysis
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7) Pyrolysis Oil Distillation Plant:

apc‘s  expertise in design and supply of batch and continuous type fractional distillation plants will help you convert pyrolysis oil into pure fractions of petrol, diesel, base oil etc. Given below are the key advantages of our distillation technology:

  • production of high value petrochemicals
  • separation of base oil for grease manufacturing
  • separation of high flash point diesel fraction from pyrolysis oil
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8) Technology transfer services:

apc‘s  offers following technologies:

  • Plastic to Oil & Tyre to Oil
  • Plastic Hydrolysis
    • Aminolysis
    • Methanolysis
    • Bromination
    • Glycolysis
  • Pyrolysis or Depolymerisation
    • Base Catalyzed
    • Acid Catalzed
    • With Water
  • Raw material specific catalysis
  • Pyrolysis oil purification:
    • Hydrogenation
    • Batch/Fractional distillation of pyrolysis oil
  • Synthesis of activated carbon from plastic/tyre pyrolysis carbon black
  • Lubricants and grease manufacturing from waste plastic
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9) Plastic Disposal Services:

apc‘s  has existing network of plastic pyrolysis / hydrolysis plants where the plant waste generated by your organisation can be disposed. For further reading, please visit: www.plasticwastedisposal.com

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10) Pyrolysis Oil Supply:

apc‘s  technology produces high calorific value and low sulfur content pyrolysis oil from waste plastic & tyres. For further reading, please visit: http://pyrolysisplant.com/pyrolysis-oil/

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11) Engineering manpower for Pyrolysis Plant Operation & Maintenance:

apc offers trained Engineering manpower for operation and maintenance of the Pyrolysis Plants in India and Abroad. apc operates and maintains the plants supplied by apc as well as others.

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