Convert Waste Plastic & Tires Into Oil & Energy

Convert Waste Plastic & Tires Into Oil & Energy

Plastic & Tire Pyrolysis Plant

Pyrocrat offers the world class Patented Pyrolysis Technology* to establish ‘Waste to Energy’ Plants on Turnkey basis. Our ‘CE Certified’ state-of-the-art & robust pyrolysis units convert any available large quantities of Waste Plastic or Tires into Renewable Energy in form of Pyrolysis Oil or Electricity. 

Pyrocrat  specializes in establishing Large Scale Waste Plastic & Tire Pyrolysis Plants. One of the key advantages is both plastic and tire can be pyrolyzsed in the same reactor. OurPatented* Technology Developments focus on total Sustainability covering: Environmental Compliance, Profitability & Safety. We carry immense experience in Pyrolysis of Waste plastic & Used Tire. Pyrocrat’s disruptive innovations are proven to establish higher pyrolysis industry standards for Safety, Performance and Automation. 

tick-icon - Copy (2)Technology Operational across 17 Locations at 100% Efficiency


tick-icon - Copy (2)CE Certified Technology (Conformité Européenne) | ISO 9001:2008 Certified

tick-icon - Copy (2)*Patent Pending: Filed for International Patent

tick-icon - Copy (2)Patented Technology to Protect Investor’s Interest 

tick-icon - Copy (2)Proven for Environmental Compliance & Safety

tick-icon - Copy (2)Fully Automated Operation with PLC and SCADA

tick-icon - Copy (2)Skid Mounted Equipment – Rapid Project Installation and Commissioning

tick-icon - Copy (2)Continual Product Development and Disruptive Innovations

Pyrolysis Plant - Tire & PlasticPyrocrat  Pyrolysis Plants are optimized to provide maximum return on investment (ROI) and the shortest possible payback time, in acknowledgement of the financial drivers behind every waste to energy project. Pyrocrat can provide ROI calculations based on each individual project situation.