New Pyrolysis Technology Development at Pyrocrat Systems LLP

New Pyrolysis Technology Development at Pyrocrat Systems LLP

Continuous plastic pyrolysis plant

Pyrocrat Systems is dedicated to continual Product Development to make our customers more competitive at manufacturing oil from waste plastic or tire. This article discusses the stages of technology & product development from 1st Generation of Pyrolysis Plant in 2004 to 10th Generation of Pyrolysis Plants in 2014.

Through years of experience and learning we have overcome necessary challenges to delivery higher and higher quality of machinery and technology to ensure more than 85% of plant uptime and compliance with Health, Safety & Emission norms prescribed governmental bodies. 


Generation of Pyrolysis Plant Process and Technology DesignDevelopments
  • 10th Generation (2014)
  • Marginal improvement in reactor carbon removal system, reactor carbon removal time per day reduced from 6 hours to 2 hours
  • Further improvement in feeding system allows plastic laminate and post consumer waste feeding without densification
  • Revamped raw material handling conveyor design to improve efficiency & improvised metal separation from raw material
  • Improvements in carbon cooling screw conveyor ensures that carbon comes out of system at room temperature and can be directly packed
  • Double feeding system to accommodate air lock feeding of raw materials with different densities.
  • Increased energy efficiency of the plant by reducing hot air ducting and innovative reactor hot air jacket design
  • Developed valve that operates at 450 deg C, this eliminated maintenance of isolation valves in vapor line and carbon ducting
  • Marginal innovation in condenser assembly design to prevent condenser clogging due to carbon
  • Monthly maintenance down time reduced from 32 hours to 16 hours
  • Design Patient filed technology and design improvements
  • 9th Generation (2013)
  • Improvement in feeding system that resulted in 25% increase in reactor efficiency.
  • Developed PLC and SCADA for 100% automation of the manufacturing process. This improved plant uptime eliminated maintenance due to operator’s mistakes and reduced the requirement of manpower.  Investors can control the plant remotely using an android smartphone.
  • Improved catalyst. With plastic as raw material pyro oil yield increased up to 90 to 95% (compared to previous yield of 60 to 75%) with plastic as raw material. This marginally reduced carbon as byproduct and improved oil yield.
  • Major change in plant design: ‘individual machines’ changed to ‘pre-assembled skid mounted systems’. This reduced the installation time from 90 days to 40 days. Reduced the commissioning time from 15 days to 10 days.
  • 8th Generation (2013)
  • Developed and successfully operated 10,000kg/day reactor.
  • Improved oil quality to match quality of industrial diesel for firing in burner systems. This enhanced pyro oil quality, demand and selling cost.
  • 7th Generation (2012)
  • Developed custom designed heating system to suite safety requirements of pyrolysis plant. This improved safety and normal operation of reactor.
  • Started using world class engineering software:  ANSYS, FEMAP and NASTRAN. This resulted in better process designing and increased efficiency of plant and machinery.
  • 6th Generation (2012)
  • Improved reactor design development that boosted heat exchange across the reactor surface. This enhances the reactor efficiency.
  • Improved catalyst, new catalyst increased oil yield by 5 to 10% and reduced carbon yield.
  • Developed and successfully operated 5,000kg/day reactor.
  • Marginal improvement in safety by automation in ‘heating system’ and ‘Gas handling system’
  • 5th Generation (2011)
  • Major evolution in condenser design resulting in reducing the weekly condenser cleaning time from 5 hours to 1 hour.
  • Eliminated unpredictable condenser choking issue.
  • 4th Generation (2010)
  • Added energy recovery system to eliminate requirement of external fuel or pyro oil for burning, this ensured 24×7 operation of plant on self-generated gas. This boosted the project profitability.
  • 3rd Generation (2009)
  • Added gas handling system for leak proof storage reuse of pyro gas. This boosted the project profitability.
  • Developed and successfully operated 2,000kg/day & 3,000kg/day reactor.
  • Developed reactor design to remove inside carbon without opening reactor.
  • Developed air lock feeding system for raw material.
  • 2nd Generation(2008)
  • Developed pyrolysis reactor design which can process both plastic and tire
  • 1st Generation (2007)
  • Developed and successfully operated 1,000kg/day reactor.
  • Developed 1st continuous type pyrolysis reactor. Identified specific catalysts for specific raw material.
  • Developed batch type commercial pyrolysis plant of 500Kg per day for processing municipal solid waste.
  • Developed scale up reactor research model for Plastic pyrolysis. Performed over 300 pyrolysis experiments to gain understanding of Plastic and tire pyrolysis with respect to catalyst types, temperatures and reaction time.

At Pyrocrat Systems LLP, we aim at achieving 100% customer satisfaction by continuous improvements in pyrolysis machinery and technology.

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