Plastic to Oil

Plastic to oil is chemical technology for converting waste plastic into Pyrolysis Oil, Carbon Black and Hydrocarbon Gas. This reaction takes place inside pyrolysis reactor. Following reaction conditions are essential for conversation of plastic to oil.

  • Absence of oxygen
  • Temperature of 370 to 550 Deg C
  • Catalyst accelerate heat exchange

Plastic to Oil - Flow Chart

Pyrolysis of Plastic

In pyrolysis (plastic to oil) process, the plastic waste is not burned. But instead plastic is chemically broken down into Pyrolysis Oil, Hydrocarbon Gas and Carbon Black. Plastic to oil is environment friendly technology for disposal of plastic waste. apc has 10+ years of expertise in installing and operating state-of-art plastic to oil plants.

Plastic to oil plant manufactured at apc’s machinery manufacturing facility, installed in Europe:

apc‘s Plastic to Oil Solutions:

  • Raw Material pilot plant testing to estimate quality & quantity oil production
  • Drafting techno-commercial feasibility study
  • Disposal of your plastic waste in our existing plastic to oil plants
  • Turn-key solution for establishing plastic to oil pyrolysis plant
  • Operation and maintenance of plastic to oil plant

Suitable raw materials: